Be. Share. Grow. Live. Help.

Helping families attain basic freedoms is of the utmost importance. Our purpose is to share the freedom to live a life desired.

PWF Values

BE responsible.
SHARE quality conversations.
GROW, always!
LIVE and prosper.

PWF Vision
Australian families living in prosperity.

PWF Mission
Provide the simplest program to financial freedom.

Retire Early. Live Free.

Recognised as a leading authority in wealth creation, management and protection systems that achieve amazing results; Sally-Ann Benson developed an exclusive education and support program back in 2004.

The PWF Program has become the easiest path for everyday Australians, to safely create a self-sustaining, residual income. Today, over 2000 members are securing their financial future through the tailored PWF Program.

“The PWF Program is ideal for Australian families looking for a safe and proven system to financial independence, with the bonus of a team doing the heavy lifting.”

Sally Ann Benson
Founder & Director

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