Discover how the PWF Program is changing the lives of everyday Australian families

  • Trevor & Michelle Sim

    “The entire process was seamless, with very little involvement required of ourselves. Like many people, we are busy professionals with a family and not much free time.”

    Trevor & Michelle Sim

  • Peter Spencer

    “Our only disappointment is that we found PWF too late in life to take full advantage of the opportunity. My wife and I decided to let PWF do all the hard work for us. We have been very happy with the outcome.”

    Peter Spencer

  • Amanda Huddle

    “Our situation was a little different to most, we were seven months pregnant. Our affordability was calculated on our reduced income (our future earnings once the baby arrives and I stopped working) which assured us PWF had our best interests at heart.”

    Amanda Huddle

  • Beat Schlatter

    “I didn’t think it would be this easy! My experience with PWF I am happy to say has been seamless from the beginning to the end. Every query was quickly answered and explained in detail, and I had many.”


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