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We help Australian Families to build Wealth Creation Strategies in a simple ‘Done For You’ system…

Our Approach

Did you know that over 80% of Australians will retire with insufficient wealth? And that only 1% of retired Australians live on an annual income of over $50,000? That’s only 1 in every 100.

Most Australians believe that the only way to get ahead is to either save more or spend less, but there is a better way to build wealth. We provide innovative solutions to build asset wealth, while at the same time, paying off your mortgage fast. Our goal is to help every client that we consult with to understand that all of this can be done without negatively impacting their lifestyle.

We know that you work hard for your wealth. Our goal is to make your wealth work hard for you.

At PWF, all of our clients benefit from a range of strategies that include goal setting, financial planning, debt reduction, tax minimisation and positive cash-flow property investing, all working congruently to build the Positive Property Blueprint. We’ll also show you how to use little-known money management strategies to achieve outstanding results… again, all without changing your lifestyle.

Our role is to help our clients to navigate safely and successfully through the complex world that is wealth creation. We give construct a comprehensive guide to start moving them forward along the path to financial freedom.

We hold Masterclasses to educate everyday Australian’s and help prepared them or a self-funded retirement. Click here to find out more about the next Masterclass.

A 'Done For You' System

Invested Understanding

We combine decades of industry experience with the latest in economic and investment market research, to help our clients to formulate a personalised, wealth building strategy. The measure of our effectiveness is not only found in our proven track record of helping our clients to find top quality investments, it’s also displayed in our ongoing commitment to our clients, helping them to circumvent challenges and find prompt solutions where needed.

Experience & Foresight

Our passionate team of finance professional enable our clients to build the financial future they desire for their families, using tried and tested investment models and wealth planning strategies. Our aim is to create mutually valued partnerships, between our team and our clients, establishing long term relationships of trust and understanding.

Intelligence & Insight

Our carefully selected team of industry professionals are dedicated to providing our clients with tailored investment solutions to meet their financial goals. Our collective experience enables our clients to achieve their financial objectives through effective wealth creation strategies, while maintaining their existing lifestyle.

Guidance And Information

Our team of experts have put their heads together to come up with an easy-to-understand wealth creation plan that’ll show you how to set your goals, find the right investment vehicle and use that vehicle to help you become wealthy sooner. In this Positive Property Blueprint – you’ll discover:

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Our Clients

“We would be happy to recommend PWF to our friends if they are looking to build an investment property portfolio in view of our positive experience.”

PWF has been very professional in their approach in guiding new investors like ourselves in the property investment process from start to finish. We wish to thank their strategists especially, who had been extremely helpful and genuinely interested in assisting us. They have been instrumental in providing us with relevant information and then connecting us with the right parties throughout our journey, even over the Christmas and New Year holidays and following up on a number of issues. They have been very responsible in reverting to us in a timely manner and we truly appreciate this.

We would be happy to recommend PWF to our friends if they are looking to build an investment property portfolio in view of our positive experience.

Raymond & Laura Leong

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