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Masterclass Reveals A Simple Wealth-Building And Property Investing System For Anyone And Any Market.

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Imagine if you could reach retirement and live the life you’ve always dreamed of…

Our Masterclass is a wealth event like no other. It condenses knowledge, experience and proven strategies that many first time and seasoned investors take years to build, all into a unique seminar.

At our Masterclass you’ll discover:

Investment vehicles that work

How property and our specific finance strategies can fuel your wealth creation

Implement solid finance structures

Simple techniques that’ll accelerate the repayment of your home and rapidly expand your property portfolio

An established support network

How a team of experts and professionals can be the driving force and a key success factor to achieving your wealth plan

The difference between a property investor and wealth builder

Why you only need an average income to become a successful wealth builder

Why you don’t need to wait for a market boom

How to generate instant equity and positive cash flow from property in any market

PLUS a range of other wealth building strategies

How to set your goals, plan your wealth better, reduce your debt and minimise or utilise your tax effectively

We follow a tried and proven system that will teach you how to create wealth safely and securely. We have over 2,000 clients that have worked with us to build multi-million dollar portfolios and, in doing so, changed their financial futures. They prepared their wealthy future and in return received the benefits.

So, whether you’re a first time or seasoned investor, we have unique property investing and wealth creation strategies that can work for you.

Note: You will not be sold to at this event: This is purely an information Masterclass. No investment or educational product will be sold.

Are you being held back from achieving real wealth?

Are you a newbie to wealth creation and believe that property investing is the pathway to build your wealth?

Are you a seasoned investor looking to maximise your current portfolio but the banks are holding you back?

Do you want to start planning for your retirement but don’t have the time or support network to get you started?

Perhaps you’ve attended property seminar after property seminar only to find that you’re being sold another educational program, property training or investing course where you literally need to start from scratch?

And, if you start from scratch now, what will your retirement look like in 5 years time? How about 10 years from now or even 20? Now hold that thought.

How does that make you feel?

Think about it. If you stay stuck in the same position – and never get started or continue building your current portfolio – will you miss out on the lifestyle you always dreamed of? And if you’re too immersed in researching the best times to buy, or have to trawl the streets every Saturday trying to find the perfect investment, or have to hunt for right team of professionals to make it happen, how can you possibly free up time to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?


A better way to build wealth…

There is hope.

Despite the fact that the above is reality for many first time and seasoned investors, it doesn’t need to be yours.

There is a proven method to wealth creation and retirement planning that means that you can achieve your life goals and retire sooner without starting from the ground up. Yes, you can become wealthy sooner.


Firstly, it starts with breaking down the barriers that hold you back financially, mentally and emotionally.

Then uncover a smart, safe and proven system that combines the right investments and the best support team of professionals… all bundled into one complete package.

The reality is we now live in a world where it is becoming harder and harder to find good investments and good people that can just make it happen, but they do still exist.

If you retired today, what will your retirement look like?

Take a minute now to imagine what your retirement would look like if you were smarter about wealth building and retirement planning.

You will have the choice and freedom to…

  • Spend more time with family
  • Help others in need
  • Volunteer and/or donate to charity
  • Invest in better education for your children
  • Go on a holiday… Hawaii, Fiji or even an African safari
  • Inspire others to take action with their future goals
  • Pay off your home loan and keep your family home safe
  • Start a business that you’re passionate about
  • Be a full-time property investor

Well the truth is anyone can do this but you must be prepared.

The fact is only *14% of baby boomers feel financially prepared for retirement with 86% somewhat prepared or completely unprepared.

If you want to start living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of then you must start preparing for it now.

*Source: Financial Standard Online

Our Masterclass…

…will transform your thinking and enable you to instantly be a part of a community of like-minded investors.

You will activate support from professionals in various industries including financial planners, accountants, property investment strategists, developers, real estate agents and the PWF team.

You’ll also discover a system that combines property investing, tax minimisation, debt reduction and finance strategies that are easily tailored to suit your personal situation and future wealth goals.

You’ll be shocked by how our little-known money management techniques can achieve outstanding results… without changing your lifestyle.

Receive unparalleled understanding of the economic market and get the ability to foresee the shifting market trends the same way we do.

Through proven investment experience and proven wealth planning strategies, our passionate team will enable you to confidently build your financial future.

You will be guided through investment options that meet your budget, timeframes and financial goals. Our collective experience will enable you to achieve your financial objectives effectively through smarter wealth strategies.


From mindset to cash flow to finance to debt reduction to property developments to client case studies – we’ll reveal:

How to acquire the mindset of a millionaire and immediately transform the way you think

The habits of highly successful people and acquire the mindset of a millionaire

How to break down the barriers that hold you back from creating wealth

The true definition of positive cash flow property investing and instant equity

How you can use positive cash flow property to boost the speed of your own wealth creation

The latest research on the current Australian property cycles and how the economy can affect property selection

Our simple model to selecting the best properties that generate growth and cash flow from day one

How to secure your retirement by paying off your home loan at a record rate

The money secrets to paying off your owner occupier loan fast and safely securing your family home for the future

How to structure your finance, secure your home and leverage your investments

Why one of the most important aspects of wealth building is the way you structure your finances that support your investments 

How you can tap into your superannuation now and make it work hard for your wealth

How to reduce your risk, implement the right insurances and protect your assets

Discover the art of sourcing the right investments and become a mini property developer

How to find properties that give you the highest rental returns and greatest capital growth

How to make money not just when you sell but also when you buy property

Turn negative geared properties into positive cash flow properties

How to increase the value of your property potentially by 10% from day one

How to invest in property and make money regardless of the market

Real case studies and results achieved by our clients and how you too can achieve the same results

“I was convinced that for once, we had found genuine people that were willing to help us build our portfolio…”

“One evening we went to a seminar where we heard about PWF I am so glad that we went, stayed and listened to what they had to say, because at the end of the evening I was convinced that for once we had found some genuine people that were willing to help us build our portfolio and lead us in the right direction. From there, we decided to buy another property. We were shown around to different places by PWF and chose a property. This was so good and easy. Then off to the broker, she was so helpful arranging everything for us. Showing us what was best and I mean the best for us, explaining every step of the way. We got what we really wanted, with our own home separate from the rental mortgages. With everything settled with the banks we could start building. We were given a builder & we could not fault them at all. The home was built on time and very well done. No complaints from anyone. The whole time this was happening we had all the support from PWF & the broker we could have asked for. If anything came up that we didn’t understand or know how to do it, we had support. I can’t say enough about the PWF set up as they have helped us in every way possible. The whole experience has been a dream and we could only say go with them and have yourselves a dream ride to making your own portfolio with properties. We have just found out that both our properties have been rented out. What an experience. Thank you!”

Andrew & Judy Birkenhead

What if you could…

Potentially build a positive cash flow property portfolio over the next 9 years that generates a rental income of up to $163,000 per year, which can look something like this:

Year 1 –
Year 3 –
Year 5 –
Year 7 –
Year 9 –

And connect with your future financial goals and become wealthy sooner?

We can show you how at the next Masterclass. REGISTER ME NOW!

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