Our Clients Old

Michael & Lisa

Gold Coast, Queensland

Started with PWF

Property Portfolio
2 investment properties

“PWF Made The Whole Process Of Buying Another Investment Property Easy!”

“My partner and I already had a property which we lived in but were looking at investment opportunities to use the equity we had built up. Having little experience in investment, we found PWF and attended an information session. We agreed with their approach and after researching on-line, looking through reviews and discussing with friends with investment knowledge decided to purchase a property.

They have been very thorough, organised and informative; making the whole process very easy. Most importantly they have delivered on what they have said and we have happily referred friends and family. Having purchased a new family house under their suggestion rather than buying another investment property, we are looking forward to buying more properties with them in the future.”


Chris & Pauline

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Started with PWF

Property Portfolio
3 investment properties

“We’re Averaging 1 Property Every 2 Years With PWF”

“We are now nearly 6 years down the track & we have just finished the construction of our 3rd investment property with PWF. This one a triplex & the other 2 being duplexes. In that time we have grown with PWF & with their assistance have averaged 1 property every 2 years. Also in that time we have seen PWF grow to a very high level of professionalism in every aspect of what they do for their clients.

Once you sign on you are not thrown to the wolves, but assisted in every aspect of loans, building, insurances, property management & so on, as well as keeping in regular contact with their clients to make sure everything is running smoothly. All clients are allocated a Property Strategist who is with you though every step & is there to answer any questions & help resolve any issues that may arise. We thoroughly recommend talking with PWF & seeing what they can do to assist you with wealth building.”


John & Donna

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Started with PWF

Property Portfolio
12 investment properties, worth $7.5 million

“We Trust PWF With Our Growing Property Portfolio”

“We started the journey with property back in 1997. Since then we have managed to create a property portfolio of 12 investments valued at $7.5 million dollars. Even though we started the journey on our own, we now are more than happy to put the growing portfolio in the hands of experts like PWF.

Our time is far too valuable to waste on investments when we have a team we believe in and trust who look after us all the way through the journey.”



  • Andrew & Judy

    “The whole experience has been a dream and we could only say go with them and have yourselves a dream ride to making your own portfolio with properties. We have just found out that both our properties have been rented out.
 What an experience!”

    Andrew & Judy

  • Bruce & Dolsie

    “Brilliant, professional and sorted out all the paperwork and kept us informed each step of the way with the building of our investment property.
 Today we are the proud owners of two rental houses and look forward to increasing our investment portfolio.”

    Bruce & Dolsie

  • Andrew Johnson

    “PWF have certainly met our expectations and the member functions that have been put on throughout the year have been of very high standard. We look forward to partnering with PWF into the future and look forward to building our next investment property.”

    Andrew Johnson

  • Peter & Joan

    “PWF stayed in contact with us during the whole process from start to finish and was helpful and encouraging in this journey.”

    Peter & Joan

  • Eddie & Vera

    “It was lovely to be treated so well and being patient and understanding throughout the whole deal, we are more than happy to recommend PWF to our friends and family.

    Eddie & Vera

  • Stephen West

    “From the initial meeting with PWF until the property was completed and handed over to me, I have been very happy with the entire process which was at all times handled very professionally and promptly.”

    Stephen West

  • Kevin & Sherin

    “We have recently built our first investment property through PWF. Our expectations of the build and finance process have been exceeded. The complete process was offered with expertise, explanations and service excellence.

    Kevin & Sherin

  • Beat Schlatter

    “I didn’t think it would be this easy! My experience with PWF I am happy to say has been seamless from the beginning to the end. Every query was quickly answered and explained in detail, and I had many.”

  • Amanda Huddle

    “Our situation was a little different to most, we were seven months pregnant. Our affordability was calculated on our reduced income (our future earnings once the baby arrives and I stopped working) which assured us PWF had our best interests at heart.”

    Amanda Huddle

  • Peter Spencer

    “Our only disappointment is that we found PWF too late in life to take full advantage of the opportunity. My wife and I decided to let PWF do all the hard work for us. We have been very happy with the outcome.”

    Peter Spencer

  • Trevor & Michelle Sim

    “The entire process was seamless, with very little involvement required of ourselves. Like many people, we are busy professionals with a family and not much free time.”

    Trevor & Michelle Sim

*PWF cannot guarantee these results will be the same for everybody – Individual results may vary.

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