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How PWF Helped Brett and Roiseen Cut Their Loan Term in HALF!

"Brett and Roiseen Van Breda are migrants who settled in Australia over 13 years ago. Recently, they realised that their superannuation would not be enough to fund their present lifestyle after they both retire from work.

They came to PWF for expert financial management and investment advice back in 2017 - and since then, the Van Bredas have learned the ropes of smart money management. The PWF team have given them the tools to manage their income and debt; setting them up to create their own ideal financial future... all while securing and maintaining the way of life they enjoyed before our program!"

Bruce and Kerry Found Their Financial Footing With PWF!

"Investing on your own can be difficult - and time consuming! So much paperwork, so many boxes to tick... it can be overwhelming, to say the least! Most people just don't know where to start - particularly when it comes to investing in property.

That was true for Bruce and Kerry Elliot, five years ago... but thanks to the finance professionals at PWF, the Elliots have executed a comprehensive strategy to build their wealth and assets - since early 2016!

Now, with multiple investment properties to their names, the Elliots report that the PWF team has made the whole process a breeze - by covering all their bases, and advising them on the best financial practices, their property investments have quickly become 'Cash Flow Positive!'"

Thanks to PWF, Fred and Stephanie Work SMARTER, Not Harder!

"With PWF's 'Leg Up', the Grimmers can finally see their desired financial future in sight! Not long ago, they were losing hope, terrified to act... 'going it alone' without a solid strategy for their money was getting them nowhere, fast!

These days, they have PWF's entire team behind them... providing them not just with 'insider knowledge' and 'expert support', but the clarity and confidence to take on the world! Getting themselves educated has allowed them to reclaim control of their lives - the Grimmers say that they couldn't have done it alone!"

The McIvers' Brisbane Properties Are Showing a MASSIVE ROI!

"Grace and David McIver put a plan in place for Positive Cash Flow Investment with PWF's team of professionals, over five years ago... and today, all of their properties on Brisbane's Northside are appreciating in value!

The McIvers express a deep gratitude for the guidance they received from the PWF team throughout the entire process... from finding and setting up their investment properties, to connecting them with an excellent accountant who can explain things like money, taxes and investment in layman's terms."

Muris and Dina Became Property Investors With PWF's Help!

"The Fetahagic family never really thought about property investment before having come across PWF's services - they didn't really know where to start!

It was our comprehensive, educational, step-by-step approach that convinced them that they could take it on for themselves... with a bit of help!

We regularly walk our clients through the fundamentals of their finances, in simple terms - we also do a lot of the 'hard work' of property investment for them, making the process of creating an investment portfolio more accessible for regular Australians."

Paul Took ACTION to Secure His Retirement!

"Paul D_Cruz had been working on a plan for his later years in life... but he still had 10 years to pay off his home! He knew he needed more of a structure in place to secure his lifestyle into retirement - as well as travel the world, and live a little!

That's when he met the team at PWF! They slashed the term of his home loan - fast forward only three years, and Paul has just about paid it off! Paul is ecstatic from how much time (and money) he's already saved, with a bit of expertise and advice."

This Couple Makes Their Equity Do the Work!

"Pia Vella and Ian Ashworth first made contact with PWF around three years ago... they attended a seminar which showed them how to utilise their existing equity and assets, making their money work for them.

At the event, they went through a simple, three-step process - exploring where they are now, where they wanted to be, and how they were going to get there from where they are now. PWF's advice to them was about what they could do now, and it was tailored to their own unique circumstances.

Three years later, and they've learned how to adopt a completely different mindset around money and debt, thanks to the team at PWF. By shifting their way of thinking, they have learned how to efficiently manage their debts and capitalise their assets, utilising what they already have to find opportunity in opportunity."

Mark Positively Geared His Investment Properties - Now He Outright Owns His Home!

"Mark Cooper teamed up with PWF to expand his investment property portfolio with Positve Cash Flow Investment... and only a couple of years later, he's reporting excellent results!

From the first consultation, PWF guided Mark through the process of purchasing a new investment property to add to his portfolio. PWF set him up to 'positively gear' his assets, to get ahead of debt!"


  • Andrew & Judy

    “The whole experience has been a dream and we could only say go with them and have yourselves a dream ride to making your own portfolio with properties. We have just found out that both our properties have been rented out.
 What an experience!”

    Andrew & Judy

  • Bruce & Dolsie

    “Brilliant, professional and sorted out all the paperwork and kept us informed each step of the way with the building of our investment property.
 Today we are the proud owners of two rental houses and look forward to increasing our investment portfolio.”

    Bruce & Dolsie

  • Andrew Johnson

    “PWF have certainly met our expectations and the member functions that have been put on throughout the year have been of very high standard. We look forward to partnering with PWF into the future and look forward to building our next investment property.”

    Andrew Johnson

  • Peter & Joan

    “PWF stayed in contact with us during the whole process from start to finish and was helpful and encouraging in this journey.”

    Peter & Joan

  • Eddie & Vera

    “It was lovely to be treated so well and being patient and understanding throughout the whole deal, we are more than happy to recommend PWF to our friends and family.

    Eddie & Vera

  • Stephen West

    “From the initial meeting with PWF until the property was completed and handed over to me, I have been very happy with the entire process which was at all times handled very professionally and promptly.”

    Stephen West

  • Kevin & Sherin

    “We have recently built our first investment property through PWF. Our expectations of the build and finance process have been exceeded. The complete process was offered with expertise, explanations and service excellence.

    Kevin & Sherin

  • Beat Schlatter

    “I didn’t think it would be this easy! My experience with PWF I am happy to say has been seamless from the beginning to the end. Every query was quickly answered and explained in detail, and I had many.”

  • Amanda Huddle

    “Our situation was a little different to most, we were seven months pregnant. Our affordability was calculated on our reduced income (our future earnings once the baby arrives and I stopped working) which assured us PWF had our best interests at heart.”

    Amanda Huddle

  • Peter Spencer

    “Our only disappointment is that we found PWF too late in life to take full advantage of the opportunity. My wife and I decided to let PWF do all the hard work for us. We have been very happy with the outcome.”

    Peter Spencer

  • Trevor & Michelle Sim

    “The entire process was seamless, with very little involvement required of ourselves. Like many people, we are busy professionals with a family and not much free time.”

    Trevor & Michelle Sim

*PWF cannot guarantee these results will be the same for everybody - Individual results may vary.

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