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According to data revealed by SQM Research, the national residential rental vacancy rate for July 2021 has remained low, at Read more
Brisbane's Olympic GoalBrisbane’s bid for the 2032 Olympics was a sure thing. With no other serious contenders, it was of Read more
Research proves more than a quarter of all Australians suffer from financial stress. PWF’s Sally-Ann Benson wants to help you Read more
Focus for A Positive Wealth Mindset
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” – this is Read more
Anyone can buy an investment property. But, if you want to build real wealth through property, it’s important to get Read more
It's Sally-Ann here and I'm very excited to be sharing a special story about our client Melissa. Here at PWF, Read more
Return on Investment is the best measurement to determine whether your investment is good or bad. The logic is very Read more
When people hear ‘financial independence’, most think about making a lot of money or having a high net worth. However, Read more
Why Some Investors Struggle According to the 2014 Global Wealth Report of Credit Suisse, property makes Australians the world’s richest Read more
Negative gearing is the common practice among property investors. In simple terms, negative gearing is when an investor borrows money Read more
Question: Is simply saving money good enough for retirement? Answer: Not as good as you may think… Challenger’s chairman of retirement Read more

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