It's Sally-Ann here and I'm very excited to be sharing a special story about our client Melissa.

Here at PWF, our role is to navigate our clients safely and successfully through the complex world that is wealth creation and give you complete guidance that’ll enable you to reach your goals sooner than you thought.

Melissa is one of our many clients who was able to experience this process first hand. As a team leader for Child Support, Department of Human Services and a single mother of three, Melissa has a life goal of ensuring her family is financially secure at all times.

Prior to working with PWF, Melissa had one investment property of her own purchased through Defense Housing. Melissa purchased property with the goal to retire on the rental income that she received from her property investments but this property was costing her more money every week than what was going into her pocket. It was negative geared.

Melissa needed a solution, as she knew investing this way would not provide her the financial security she was striving for.

Click the PLAY button below to discover how simple it was for Melissa to turn her situation around and start preparing a solid financial future…

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We follow a tried and proven system that will teach you how to create wealth safely and securely. We have over 2,000 clients that have worked with us to build multi-million dollar portfolios and, in doing so, changed their financial futures. They prepared their wealthy future and in return received the benefits.

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- Sally-Ann Benson and The PWF Team